When Do You Need to Have Your Spine Realigned?

Back pain is the #1 chronic physical ailment that people complain about. It leads to missed work and loss of quality of life, for adults of all ages.

Sometimes back pain is caused by a dramatic injury, but other causes exist. Over time, the spine can become gradually misaligned due to things like poor posture or stress. 

Do you need your spine realigned? We've found some tips to give you a better idea as to whether you do. You should always let a professional realign your spine.

How Your Spine Can Make You Miserable

Your back is a sturdy but incredibly vulnerable body part. Without a healthy spine, moving around would be impossible. Your nervous system would be unable to function. Your back connects everything together and is one of the first things to be injured if you trip and fall or pick up something that's too heavy.

Spinal pain can originate from back injuries, disease, and degeneration. You may also experience stress-induced pain. This pain feels like "knots" and causes spasms that can stress your vertebrae.

If your back is bothering you, trying to get rid of the pain on your own can feel like a losing battle. After unsuccessfully using heat packs, applying ice, and sitting in different positions, you probably feel like you've HAD IT and you're DONE.

When It's Time to Realign Your Spine

Here are some conditions that contribute to back pain- see if any of these apply to you:

Being overweight- Extra body weight can put pressure on your spine and back muscles. After a while, the stress can pull your spine out of alignment. 

Bad posture- Slouching or slumping can damage nerves in your neck and back. It can also cause tiny changes in your spinal alignment over time.

Living with tension and stress - Being in a constant state of stress can cause your muscles to tense up. Stress can also cause inflammation, which leads to more pain. Having muscles in knots can also predispose them to injury.

Sleep problems- If you've been trying to sleep on a bad mattress or don't have the right pillow, you could sprain your back or cause your vertebrae to slip.

Shoe problems- Believe it or not, bad shoes can hurt your back. Shoes that are too worn or uneven can create gait problems and strain your back and knees. 

Knee and other leg issues- Having to compensate for a bad knee or ankle can create issues with posture. How you hold yourself when you walk influences the pressure you feel in your spine.

Car accidents and falls- This kind of damage can include crushed vertebrae, spinal disc ruptures, and fractures. The pain can last for a lifetime and even lead to degenerative processes that start after the injury.

Bad desk ergonomics- sitting for long periods at work is bad enough, but if your desk or computer monitor is not at the right height, it's even worse. A bad desk setup may cause slouching and stress on your spine.

Having a long-distance driving job- being stuck behind the wheel is stressful because you have to deal with traffic jams and bad drivers. On top of that, sitting for long periods can compress your spine and lead to joint stiffness and sciatica. Sciatica is severe nerve pain that starts in the lower back and runs down one or both legs.

Carrying heavy backpacks and bags- carrying too much weight around can compress and herniate your spinal discs and damage nerves in your neck, shoulders, and back.

Injuries from playing sports or lifting- Like other kinds of injuries, these can happen suddenly, and the damage can be permanent. You may have pinched nerves and torn tissue that adds to the pain of spinal misalignment.

Eliminating these problems can help stop your back pain. However, if you've tried and nothing is working, you should not be afraid to seek out expert help. 

What Can Be Done to Fix Your Spine

Some people try home remedies before going to a chiropractor for realignment. They may try a massage from a friend or partner, hanging upsidedown from playground equipment, having a friend "crack" their back, and other techniques.

The problem is that even if these methods work for a while, eventually, the back pain will return. The underlying issue is that the spine is still misaligned. When self-treatment stops working, it makes sense to see a professional and have them put your spine back into position for you.

Sometimes patients had no idea how disabled and miserable they were until a chiropractor worked on their back. Chiropractors have a variety of treatments at their disposal, and some of them provide relief right away.

Here are a few common treatment methods chiropractors use.

Activator method - a handheld, spring-loaded instrument delivers a quick pop against a vertebra or joint. It happens quickly and is quite painless.

Thompson technique - Very gentle, involves a drop table and low force movements.

Soft tissue massage - Helps to release muscle toxins and relieve knotted muscle tissue.

Diversified technique - Hand-made adjustments to individual vertebrae helps to put them back in their proper positions.

Flexion/Distraction - low-force, gentle movements help relieve bulging discs, sciatica, and sprains.

Don't Wait! Get Relief Now!

Why wait to stop your pain? Untreated spinal issues can cause a myriad of problems, including headaches, immune system deficiencies, numbness in hands and feet, fatigue, dizziness, TMJ, blood pressure problems, and more.

Having a chiropractor realign your spine can finally release you from back pain and its side effects.

Some patients have said they had no idea how disabled they were until a chiropractor realigned their spine. If your back problems are disrupting your life, IT's TIME to REALIGN! Don't suffer needlessly.

Feel free to visit our website and check out our testimonials page, for details about how we can help you get your life back.

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