What Are the Different Types of Back Pain?

Did you know that 31 million Americans experience mild or severe pain in their lower back at any given time? Experts further estimate that about 80% of the population will face back problems at one time in their lives. These statistics show that back pain is quite common, with its severity increasing with old age. 

Different Types of Back Pain

If you’re experiencing back pain, it will help to understand this condition better. There are different types of back pain that you could be suffering from. 

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Neurogenic Claudication 

Neurogenic Claudication is a type of back pain that often affects older persons above 60 years. It results from nerve compression when a person is walking or standing. This back pain can limit the ability of a patient to walk for long distances. 

Patients with Neurogenic Claudication don't experience any symptoms while sitting. They experience weakness and numbness in the legs when they stand up and walk.

Victims of this condition experience walking difficulties, and they have to keep taking breaks to allow nerve recovery. Professionals recommend restorative care to assist with abdominal strength and hips' mobility. 

A physiotherapist will be in a better place to provide an exercise program that helps reduce lumbar extension as one is walking. In an extreme situation, one might have to undergo decompression surgery. If you're wondering, 'Why does my back hurt when I stand?' it's probably time to see a chiropractor. 

Flexion Dominant Back Pain 

Flexion Dominant back pain is often an injury to one's disc, although the cases might vary. The symptoms are the extreme opposite of the Neurogenic Claudication back pain. Symptoms worsen when you sit, lift, or bend. 

The pain usually affects the legs and spine. One might experience numbness, tingling, or leg weakness. In some cases, patients lose range of motion, especially after they stand up after sitting for a while. 

Consistent standing and walking improve the symptoms. Directional exercise or stretching performed at intervals throughout the day can further help to reduce pain. 

It would help to understand more about the chiropractic treatment you’ll get with this type of back pain. Have a list of questions to ask a chiropractor in Brick, NJ, before signing any agreement. Your identified back doctor should assess your back, educate you, and guide you on the kind of exercises to consider. 

Thoracic Back Pain 

Thoracic back pain is one of the different types of back pain that can have adverse implications on other body organs. The thoracic spine is in the upper back region. If you're experiencing pain in this region, there's a chance you have a severe underlying issue. 

This kind of pain is followed by nerve pain or numbness, fever, noticeable deformity, severe stiffness, and abnormal weight loss. You need to see a doctor immediately. Thoracic back pain can turn fatal if not addressed. 

This part of the spine connects to the ribs that protect your heart and lungs. If damaged, the impacts on your cardiopulmonary system can be devastating. Your therapist will know the right treatment plan for you based on the causes of this type of back pain and the severity of the symptoms. 

It is advisable to consider ongoing chiropractic treatment regardless of your age. You don't have to wait to have an injured back to see a chiropractor in NJ. With this type of care, it would be easier to address concerns such as thoracic back pain before it worsens.

Inflammatory Back Pain

Inflammatory back pain is common in patients below 35 years. This pain results from excessive inflammation of one’s spinal joints. 

Chiropractors often recommend a patient to undergo a medical evaluation by a rheumatologist. After diagnosis, the therapist helps to manage the symptoms. 

Some of the common signs and symptoms of inflammatory back pain include aching that persists beyond three months. Worsening stiffness and back pain when one is immobile is another sign.

Visiting a chiropractor is a great place to start if you see these symptoms. Your doctor will provide a management plan that helps with pain relief. A chiropractor can also work on a restorative program to help with pain management. 

Chronic Back Pain Disorder 

Chiropractors treat about 35 million Americans each year. A significant percentage of these patients experience chronic back pain disorder. Unlike other common back injuries, back pain disorders are harder to treat. 

When experiencing this type of back pain, the nervous system interprets even a non-harmful stimulus as dangerous and painful. A therapist has to understand such different types of back pain even when their causes are not clear. 

The pain with this type of back pain is as real as those suffering from mechanical back injuries. The kind of treatment required is, however, different. One might need a diverse healthcare team that understands pain science. 

Chronic pain disorders have varying symptoms. The pain doesn’t necessarily follow any anatomic boundaries. Besides, the pain location isn’t consistent and can move from one body part to another. 

Visiting your chiropractor in New Jersey will help you understand chronic back pain disorder. You will further get guidance on the right physical fitness. Professionals can further point out factors that might be contributing to the problem. 

Understanding the Different Types of Back Pain Can Help When Seeking Treatment

Back pain can be quite frustrating. It would help to know the different types of back pain to help you seek the right treatment. While some cases of back pain are minor, cases of acute back pain aren’t new. 

The best option is to visit your chiropractor for diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment plan. Your doctor will guide you on the best exercises to promote recovery. Ensure that you get an experienced chiropractor to address any of your back pain concerns. 

If you’re in Brick, NJ, Shoreline Chiropractic & Wellness is your ideal healthcare facility for any back pain. Contact us today for a comprehensive back pain treatment plan.

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