The Chiropractic Traction Table: The Ultimate Treatment for Pain

Dr. Brett Tave is a chiropractor and the owner of ShoreLife Chiropractic and Wellness, which offers services like intersegmental traction at their office in Brick Township, NJ. Dr. Tave has found that one of his favorite tools for treating patients with pain or injury is the chiropractic traction table, also known as an apparatus used by chiropractors for treatments such as spinal adjustment during treatment sessions.

There are many benefits associated with this device, including increased flexibility, improved range of motion, and providing relief from pain - all without drugs! There are countless reasons why you should choose us if you're interested. A chiropractic traction table is a tool used by a chiropractor for the treatment of pain. It provides therapy to different parts of the body and can be an answer to chronic back pain. 

Chiropractor Brett Tave uses this in his clinic, ShoreLife Chiropractic and Wellness, which offers chiropractic treatments for patients looking for relief from their pain. This article will give you an overview of how this equipment works to know what it includes when selecting yours in the general purchase. 

How does a Chiropractic Traction Table work, and what conditions can be treated with it?

The table is adjusted so that the patient assumes a position that aligns their spine and allows them to lie straight down on the surface without any pressure points being exerted on the spine. A small section at the end of the table may  provide traction by inserting weights under an individual's back or feet to stretch out their spine and muscles.

The patient will lie on this surface for periods from 20-30 minutes, once daily, depending on how severe their condition is. This therapy can help relieve symptoms related to degenerative disc disease and conditions such as sciatica and spinal stenosis, which are often referred to with chronic low back pain patients who have suffered debilitating muscle spasms due to herniated discs impinging nerves causing extreme discomfort.

In general, people with lower back pains should visit a chiropractor in Brick Township, NJ, before they get worse - call (732) 202-7846 now!

What is the difference between spinal decompression, traction, and manipulation?

Spinal decompression, traction, and manipulation are all procedures that chiropractors provide to patient's back problems. But they serve different functions in the treatment process for spinal pain. While these three treatments have many similarities, it is essential that you know their distinctions as well since each one can be used separately or together, depending on your particular problem.

Spinal Decompression relieves pressure on discs by using a table-like device to pull apart vertebrae from one another. It stretches out compressed nerves and helps them heal while relieving symptoms such as discomfort upon sitting or standing up straight, among others. The person will lie face down on this surface so that gravity pulls the disc away from the center of your body, providing relief. 

It is also known as an internal distraction, and it is more effective than a cervical traction device because of the way its design works with your spine's natural curves. The Chiropractic Traction Table does just what one would think - applies pressure on spinal discs by stretching them apart while relieving discomfort in other areas such as sciatica, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back problems. 

Often this is done by using weight, but sometimes manual force may be applied if weight isn't available or desired for some reason. Intersegmental Traction devices are used for helping relieve neck aches often associated with whiplash injuries, headaches caused by repetitive motion at work (cervical extension-flexion), and pain caused by respiratory problems (such as asthma).

These devices are a much better alternative to other treatments for neck or back problems, such as medication, surgery, or chiropractic therapy. The first step in using this device is usually setting up variables like weight, time of use, and desired level of force needed on different areas. This may all depend on what you're experiencing when getting onto the machine, so if you don't know, then ask someone that does!

Next, lie down face up with your head overhanging off one end of the table and your hips overhanging off another. The chiropractor will create adjustments to help find a comfortable position for you before proceeding with treatments, usually by adjusting your head or hip area on the device. 

Once in place, they'll attach straps designed to apply traction pressure evenly around your body (typically from shoulders down) onto the table and then adjust the weight accordingly. The chiropractor will use their hands to apply pressure to isolate a particular area for you. It is most often done with your feet but may also be performed on other areas like legs, neck, or back as needed.

The benefits of chiropractic care vs. pharmaceuticals for pain relief

Chiropractic care is as effective, if not more effective, than pharmaceuticals in many cases. One study found that chiropractors can provide an additional 18 hours of relief from chronic back pain than NSAIDs only daily for 12 weeks. 

The same study found that patients treated by both providers had even more significant pain relief and decreased frequency or intensity. Dr. Brett Tave is a doctor at ShoreLife Chiropractic and Wellness, where he looks forward to addressing your needs for chiropractic traction tables services, including intersegmental traction!

Ways to get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment

The chiropractic traction tables: The ultimate treatment for pain. If you're suffering from back, neck, or other joint pain and have tried traditional treatments without success, a visit to the chiropractic office may be just what you need! Chiropractors use specialized equipment like the chaotic traction tables shown in studies to relieve chronic back pain when combined with NSAIDs daily and decrease the frequency or intensity of one's symptoms.

Dr. Brett Tave at ShoreLife Chiropractic and Wellness, meaning he knows first-hand the treatments available and how to maximize your relief. We have helped hundreds of patients with back aches, neck pain, or other joint pains. Such as knee problems using our chiropractic traction table, which is a fancy term for a bed that moves you up and down in space gradually under controlled movements so you can stretch out your spine without feeling any discomfort.

How does this help? When they finally feel relief from their chronic symptoms because they can get into better alignment naturally by relieving pressure on nerves caused by misalignment due to things like slouching; over computers all day long! If you want to experience these benefits too, head over to our office and let us help you today.

The importance of maintaining your health through regular chiropractic treatments 

Many people come to us for a single problem they've been experiencing. Still, many of them will continue with regular appointments because our therapy has such a positive impact on their overall health and Wellness. Regular treatments help keep your body's optimal state so you can live pain-free!

Clients who are loyal to the care we provide have seen major improvements in their mobility and physical well-being over time and improved mental clarity. Plus, when you come in regularly, it takes less time per visit which means more service at better prices than other chiropractors around Shoreline or Seattle. 

You might be one of those "lucky few" that get all three benefits: relief from pain, improved mobility, and more time for yourself.

A list of common types of back pain that are often relieved by the use of a Chiropractic Traction Table

The most common type of back pain results from the intervertebral discs between two or more vertebrae rupturing. This can cause inflammation, which leads to an increase in pressure on that area and often causes radicular (nerve) symptoms. A less-common but the still genuine possibility is arthritis - where one bone will rub against another, causing irritation and pain. 

It's important not to confuse this with discogenic pain because they are different sources for these issues. Nerve involvement due to nerve root compression from injury can also be painful. This typically presents itself when there has been trauma either through twisting or falling, which traps nerves along their course instead of allowing them to glide free around the bony structures that they need to move around.

The treatment for these issues is with a chiropractic traction table, where the spine can be gently aligned and supported in its natural position. This will reduce pressure on the neurovascular bundle and minimize stress on spinal discs, often misaligned due to injury or degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis

It's also possible for a person struggling with nerve compression that doesn't have any other damage associated may not respond positively to traction therapy. However, it can still provide some relief of symptoms like chronic pain and headache. - Herniated Discs - Arthritis - Nerve Damage

When someone has back pain caused by an issue with their disc between two vertebrae, the pain may worsen when they sit or stand for long periods. It is because the disc presses on a nerve between two vertebrae and invades it. A chiropractic traction table can help reduce pressure by gently aligning the spine in its natural position - lumbar stenosis - herniated discs.

If someone has persistent backache from another cause like arthritis, nerve damage, or spinal stenosis, chiropractic treatments with a chiro spray machine are often helpful to relieve chronic pain, increase mobility, and improve circulation, which will speed up the healing process. The treatment for these issues is with a chiropractic traction table, where the spine can be gently aligned and supported in its natural state.


Traction therapy is a physical medicine technique that uses traction to stretch and move the spine. It can be used for spinal decompression or relief of pain from degenerative conditions, but it should only be supervised by an experienced chiropractor in these cases. There are many different benefits of using this device, including improving flexibility, increasing range of motion, and relieving pain.

Dr. Brett Tave has been practicing for years in his clinic ShoreLife Chiropractic and Wellness, a chiropractor in Brick Township, NJ providing services for people looking for help with chronic back pain. Call (732) 202-7846 now or mail us at


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