"How Do I Find a Chiropractor Near Me?" A Guide on What to Look For

Are your aches and pains impacting your quality of life? You're not alone! In fact, lower back pain is the most common type of pain reported by patients.

About 25% of US adults have experienced lower back pain within the last three months. It even causes more global disability than any other condition.

Don't let back pain impact your life! Instead, you can search online for "a chiropractor near me."

You'll find a countless number of options in your area. How do you narrow them down? Keep reading to find out!

In this guide, we'll review the seven steps you need to take during your search. Discover how to find "the best chiropractor near me" with these tips today!

1. Check With Your Inner Circle

Before you head online to search for "the best-rated chiropractor near me," speak with your friends and family members. They could save you a lot of time with your search. Do any of them have a chiropractor they trust?

Take the time to learn about their experience with that chiropractor. Did the chiropractor help relieve their pain? What services did they schedule?

Make sure to ask about the chiropractor, too. Were they easy to talk to?

Was the chiropractor professional and sympathetic?

Speaking with friends and family members will help you make a list of potential chiropractors. Learning about their experience will also give you the insight you can't find online. Picturing their appointment will help you imagine your own.

Don't know anyone who has visited a local chiropractor? Speak with your general physician.

They can help point you in the right direction. Your physician will give you some insight into the chiropractor's professional reputation, too. 

If speaking with your inner circle didn't help, run a search for "best chiropractor Brick NJ" or "the best-rated chiropractor in my area." Once you have your list, call the office. Are they accepting new patients?

If the chiropractor is booked, cross them off your list. Chances are, you need someone who can help right away. After all, you don't want to wait months between appointments when you're in pain.

2. Look for Credentials

Now that you have a list of good chiropractor offices in the area, take the time to research them further. You'll want to find a chiropractor with an up-to-date license. If they don't have the proper credentials, they could do your back more harm than good.

A licensed professional has completed the proper training. If they're not licensed, cross them off your list.

A chiropractor who doesn't have the right credentials might struggle to provide the best possible care. Learn more about where they went to medical school and the training hospital they attended. Do they have any certifications for their work?

Healthgrades.com is another great resource you can use to learn about their credentials.

What about their work history and record?

You can check the Better Business Bureau to learn more about their history. Do they have a complaint on their record? If they have disciplinary actions or malpractice claims on their record, keep looking.

3. Understand Their Experience

Remember, a chiropractor who lacks experience could do more harm to your spine than good. Chiropractors treat over 27 million Americans every year. How long have the chiropractors on your list performed treatments?

If they're still in their first year of practicing, keep looking. A chiropractor who has worked for years likely has a list of loyal clients. They've also survived competition in the area.

Is the chiropractor knowledgeable? Do they have a lot of experience treating your specific condition?

A chiropractor should assess your medical history and physical condition during your initial appointment. They might schedule X-rays, too.

That way, they can develop a treatment plan with your needs in mind.

Choosing a chiropractor with the experience you need will give you peace of mind. 

4. Look into the Location

How long will you need to drive to reach the chiropractor's office? What if there's an emergency?

Once you search for "best chiropractor near me," make sure to check the location. Are they difficult to reach? Will you need to drive across town?

If the location isn't convenient, cross them off your list.

5. Read Up on Reviews

One of the best ways to learn about a business is to hear about someone else's experience. If your friends and family members couldn't help, head online. You can find reviews from previous patients to learn about their experience.

Check the Better Business Bureau site and the chiropractor's Google My Business listing. Try to read through multiple reviews for a well-rounded assessment.

Was the staff professional and friendly? How long was the wait time? 

Did anyone experience issues with the chiropractor?

Reading reviews will help you find the best-rate chiropractor in the area.

6. Schedule a Consultation

Once you've narrowed down your options, take the time to schedule an in-office consultation appointment. This initial appointment will help you learn more about each chiropractor on your list.

Have a list of questions prepared before your appointment, including:

  • How long have you practiced as a chiropractor?
  • Do you have any specialties?
  • What services do you offer?
  • What's causing my pain?
  • What treatment is best for my condition?
  • How can I avoid further back pain?
  • Do I need to take medication?

Ask any other questions that are on your mind before scheduling your first adjustment.

7. Make Sure You're Comfortable

Once you've visited a few chiropractors in the area, review your notes.

Who offers the services and treatments you need? Who has the proper credentials and references?

Make sure you're comfortable with the chiropractor, too. Did they answer your questions fully? Did they try to rush you out of the office?

Reviewing your notes will help you feel confident about your decision.

Stop Asking "How Can I Find a Chiropractor Near Me?": The 7 Steps You Need

You don't have to keep asking yourself "how can I find the best chiropractor near me?" Instead, use these seven tips to find the best-rated chiropractor in Brick, NJ! With these tips, you can feel confident about your choice before your first appointment. 

Ready to schedule your first appointment? We can't wait to see you!

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