Back Problems and Their Solutions: Why You Should Get a Chiropractor

Having a sore or tense back every now and then is annoying, but tolerable. When the pain always seems to creep back, it becomes debilitating to the point a lot of people who experience it are not able to function. Back pain alone accounts for about 270 million lost workdays every year. 

Back problems can make it impossible to walk, sit, move, or even breathe sometimes. Those who seek relief from the problem often seek chiropractors for help.

Is it your first time considering a chiropractor? If you are still debating whether or not you should work with a chiropractor, keep reading to learn the many ways hiring one will do good for you and your back.

Identifying the Source Of Your Back Problems

It may be your genetics, occupation, or injury that causes back pain. Older adults and those who lift heavy items improperly can also notice issues with their back. When the trouble happens more than just a few times, you should first attempt to identify the source to see if you can prevent it. 

A strong back is a healthy back and keeping a healthy weight, working out, and building muscle can all reduce the occurrence of back pain. If you pull out your back because of the type of work or activity you do, you should learn to use proper body mechanics. 

For example, you should avoid lifting heavy objects whenever possible. If you must, your legs should be doing the work. Sitting and standing smart also make a difference. Getting good back support and avoiding slouching helps keep your spine in alignment. 

Older people and those with conditions are more likely to experience chronic back pain. Although implementing good body mechanics is helpful, back pain may never fully go away. 

How Does Chiropractic Treatment Help Back Problems?

The medicine, the hot packs, and the lotions you use to treat back pain at home can help, but they will not always be enough. Because of this, people who deal with back problems may seek chiropractic care.

One of the many benefits of chiropractors is that these professionals utilize treatments such as manual therapy, physical therapy, exercises, joint manipulation, and education to help you get rid of back pain. 

Chiropractors focus on hands-on spinal manipulation to help align the musculoskeletal structure. This manipulation is able to restore mobility to areas, like the spin, that has restricted movement.

People who have tissue injury or deal with back issues due to repetitive stress can find relief for joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue surrounding the spin. 

If you are getting chiropractic treatment for the first time, a chiropractor will collect your medical history along with a physical exam to determine what method of treatment is best for you. In some cases, lab tests and diagnostic imaging are completed. Those who have acute lower back pain can benefit from chiropractic care as well as those dealing with chronic back pain. 

Although there is no use of drugs or surgery involved with chiropractic care, you should always check with your general doctor to ensure the condition you have will benefit from the treatment. 

Relieving Other Symptoms You May Get With Back Pain

When you get treatment for back pain using chiropractic care, there are other benefits you may notice. For one, you will see an increase in your energy. This is because it works to reduce tension in the spine which frees up nerves while allowing them to work in a more efficient manner. 

When you have back pain for a long time, you deal with sore and tense muscles all the time. So long, you unknowingly become used to the pain. It's normal. A professional chiropractor can alleviate the pressure so the pain you have is replaced with newfound energy. 

You will also notice you can breathe better after the session. Our lungs rely on the nervous system to communicate with the brain and spine.

Anytime you have misalignment around your spine, you impair this communication or reduce overall ability to take in and out air as you should. By correcting misalignment, you open up the lungs, enhance communication, and reduce inflammation if you have existing lung conditions like asthma

More Benefits You Might Not Know 

You treat more than your spine when you work with a chiropractor. In cases where you have back pain due to an injury, you can help speed up the recovery process. Injuries and inflammation are treated since chiropractic care lowers inflammation associated with subluxation

At the same time, it helps to improve circulation to aid in the healing process. This is not only beneficial to the muscles and joints, it's helpful for the organs too. You will experience better sleep and a reduction in the degeneration of the connective tissues and joints when you have a condition. 

If you are pregnant, you may also use chiropractic care to ease any pain you have. It's possible to decrease the length of labor which will make delivery easier. When women are pregnant, everything in the body shifts to accommodate for the unborn child.

The ligaments in the pelvic area loosen and there is increased pressure on the spine which results in pain. Pregnant women who work with a chiropractor throughout their pregnancy can ensure a healthier and less painful pregnancy. 

Easing Acute and Chronic Back Problems 

Going to a chiropractor is helpful for addressing acute and chronic back problems. While working with these professionals can help control, reduce, or eliminate back pain, there is more to the treatment than that. You also get to relieve a number of internal conditions while providing your body with the energy it needs. 

We all need a strong back to walk. Contact us to work with a chiropractor who can help you move as you want again without having to worry about pain.

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