8 Clear Signs for When to See a Chiropractor

Are you having some issues that you're curious about if a chiropractor could help you with? There are tons of issues that a chiropractor may be able to assist you with so that you can live a more comfortable and healthy life. 

To learn about some signals that can indicate when to see a chiropractor, keep reading. Figure out if a chiropractor could help you with any of the following complications.

1. Persistent Neck Pain

Persistent neck pain is something you want to give some attention to, as it can lead to headaches and extreme discomfort. If you have trouble turning your neck or have pain or stiffness, it's time to visit a chiropractor. This is often the result of repetitive habits or lifestyles that involve a lot of sitting for long periods of time. 

Sitting can put stress on parts of the body that can lead to these discomforts, and repetitive tasks can result in poor posture or an uneven use of muscle groups. Implementing more movement into your daily life can help with these strains on the body. A chiropractor can help to give your body a readjustment that can help to alleviate pains from these lifestyle strains. 

2. Lower Back Pain 

In some cases, lower back pain is normal and tends to go away after some time. If the pain has persisted for 6 weeks, and is not going away, or has increased, this is a sign that it's time for professional assistance from a chiropractor. Chronic back pain can be a cause of your lifestyle, and a chiropractor may be able to offer you some relief. 

3. Muscle and Joint Pain 

If you live an athletic lifestyle, you may experience muscle and joint pain. Constant activity can wear on your muscles and lead to chronic muscle and/or joint pain. However, this is not only an issue for athletes, and could be a sign of rheumatoid arthritis or other issues such as problems with the musculoskeletal alignment.

Seeing a chiropractor can help you relieve this pain in the muscles and joints. Stretching daily and eating a healthy diet may also help. 

4. Chronic Headaches or Migraines 

Headaches and migraines can be a result of many different things, such as muscle tension in the neck and joint irritation. A chiropractor can help to alleviate the pressure that builds in the head through spinal manipulation and adjustments.

This can help to take off the pressure around your spine that can reduce the pain in your head. This can help to improve blood flow, increasing the amount of oxygen that is supplied to the brain. 

5. The Soles of Your Shoes Wear Unevenly  

If you notice that your shoes wear out differently or unevenly, it may be a sign that you need an adjustment. This is a sign that your body is out of alignment and is a very reliable indicator that there is a subluxation in the spine. A chiropractor can use spinal manipulation to realign your spine so that the issue doesn't turn into a chronic problem. 

6. You Were Recently in an Accident 

If you were involved in an automobile or motorcycle accident, you may have some injuries that a chiropractor can assist you with. Many chiropractors specialize in assisting those that were involved in accidents and can help to treat a multitude of issues and injuries. If you're experiencing sudden neck or back pain after an accident, see a chiropractor as soon as you can for treatment.

7. Sharp Leg Pain  

Sharp, shooting pain in the legs or weakness and tingling can be signs of a pinched nerve or a slipped disc. A professional chiropractor can help to diagnose where the issue is and can do an adjustment on the spine. This can alleviate the pressure point on the nerve to decrease your pain. 

8. Lifestyle 

There are a few lifestyle types that can lead to needing chiropractic assistance. If you're an active person, and you spend a lot of time playing sports or working out, your body may be experiencing extra pains and pressures. This added stress can cause the spine to become misaligned, to have slipped discs or pinched nerves. 

A chiropractor can help you with these issues so that you can continue your active lifestyle without discomft or serious injury. Additionally, if you have a job that requires you to sit for long periods of time, visiting a chiropractor is a smart option. This is especially true of some desks jobs that may require you to sit over your computer for long periods of time. 

This can result in poor posture, which can put unwanted pressure on the shoulders, neck and upper back. This pressure can cause bones and discs to shift, sometimes to an extent in which it will cause more serious problems, such as a slipped or herniated discs. A chiropractor can help you align your spine so that you can avoid these problems. 

Seeing a chiropractor can be great for someone that wants to live a more health conscious lifestyle, as you can learn more about how to best take care of your body. A chiropractor can give you advice such as nutritional guidance, exercise and stretching routines, and other techniques to help you relieve stress and pain.

When to See a Chiropractor

Now that you know the signs for when to see a chiropractor, you can decide if you could benefit from their professional assistance. 

Are you dealing with any of the issues above? If so, contact ShoreLife Chiropractic & Wellness today to request an appointment.

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